Sheet of classical music

After 10 years of study of  piano, in the following are listed some of the works of classical authors that have been studied and performed in church, ceremonies and weddings. The section will be completed with a section dedicated to authors linked to modern piano bar and karaoke for party with friends and fun. For advice contact in the section contact.

Adagio - T. Albinoni Adagio - B. Marcello Adagio Sostenuto - L. van Beethoven Farewell to the piano - L. van Beethoven Aida - G. Verdi Turkish - W.A. Mozart
Allegretto - D. Alberti Allegretto - B. Marcello Allegretto - G.B. Pascetti Allegro - B. Marcello Allegro - M. Vento Alleluja
Allemanda - D. Zipoli Andante - W.A. Mozart Andantino - G. Greco Aria quarta corda - J.S. Bach Arioso - C. Cotumacci Ave Maria - C. Gounod
Ave Maria - F. Schubert Song of spring - F. Mendelssohn Corale - J.S. Bach From a sonata - D. Alberti Farandola - A. Longo Giga - D. Alberti
Giga - D. Alberti Gloria The morning - E. Grieg Sudden - F. Schubert Bluebell - N. Paganini Largo - G.F. Hendel
Largo - M. Vento The dance of hours - A. Ponchielli The woman is mobile - G. Verdi March of Radetzky - J. Strauss Funeral march - F. Chopin Wedding march - F. Mendelssohn
Wedding march - R. Wagner Minuetto - L. Boccherini For Elisa - L. van Beethoven A little night music - W.A. Mozart Presto - B. Marcello Romanza - L. van Beethoven
Santo Signore pietà Sinfonia 40 - W.A. Mozart Sonata - D. Scarlatti Sonata - D. Scarlatti Sonata - D. Scarlatti
Sonata - D. Scarlatti Sonata - D. Scarlatti Sonata - W.A. Mozart Te Deum - M.A. Charpentier Time of Minuetto - L. van Beethoven Toccata - L. Leo
Toccata - D. Paradisi Toccata e Fuga - J.S. Bach Va Pensiero - G. Verdi Valzer - F. Chopin Vivace - D. Alberti Flight of angels - C. Carozza