TimballoServes for 6 persons: 10 eggs for the preparation of scrippelle, bolognaise sauce restricted, artichokes breaded and fried in slices (or spinach and peas), 3 scamorza, 3 boiled eggs chopped, butter to taste, about 80g of grated Parmesan cheese, salt to taste and, at will, milk.

Preparation: Arrange the scrippelle on a baking sheet (which may or may not be greased), so that it shall be lined and they protrude the ends. Form a mess consisting of the sauce, artichokes, diced smoked cheese from, from a few flakes of butter, the chopped hard-boiled eggs and a handful of Parmesan cheese. Brush if you will, with a mixture of beaten egg, salt, parmesan cheese and milk. Continue this way, with a series of layers, until the end of ingredients. Fold the edges of scrippelle protruding from the pan and cover with two other scrippelle. Put the pie in the oven hot and moderate heat and keep it there for about 90 minutes.