Tagliatelle with mushrooms

tagliatelleboscaiolaServes for 6 persons: 600g of flour, 5 eggs, 1kg rump, 120g of ground beef, 2 packets of dried mushrooms, peas 500g peeled, 100-150g of ham cut into cubes, parsley to taste, 100g of grated parmesan cheese.

Preparation: Place the flour as fountain. Beat the eggs. Amass eggs and flour for 15 minutes, so that the dough is not too hard nor too soft. Pave, make the dough and wrap it around itself. Cut the roll into strips half an inch. Cook the walker Genovese. Put the mushrooms in water until they come across. Do the chopped of "pallottine" (very small) and fry. Sautè the mushrooms. Fry the peas, adding, at half cooked, ham chunks. Making a single dressing, bringing together the sauce of the Genovese, the "pallottine", peas well drained the cooking sauce and mushrooms. Pour the sauce over the noodles cooked "al dente", sprinkle a lot of parmesan.