mazzarelleIngredienti: 1 lamb offal (heart, liver and intestines), 1.5 glasses of wine, 1.5 cups of water, 1 sprig of marjoram, 1 bunch fresh to the leaves, 1 bunch of parsley, a few leaves of lettuce, fresh onions, pepper (or chili), flour, vinegar and salt to taste. Cooking time 2 hours and a quarter.

Preparazione: Open the guts in the sense of their length. Wash and rinse thoroughly (a thorough cleaning is obtained flouring them and squeezing in the flour for at least 3 times). When your guts will become light-colored and clean, proceed to a final rinsing with water and vinegar. Then go, to pluck, making the strips of the thickness and length of a finger, rinse and leave to drain, after having salted, together with guts. Prepare separate the bunch of the fresh, the bunch of parsley, lettuce leaves, fresh onions. Take a leaf of lettuce, and put on, making it a bunch, 3-4 strips of offal, which we must add a bit of onion, parsley and garlic. Tie the bunch with guts and gradually that packaged mazzarelle will put them to drain. Place, then, mazzarelle to cook only in oil. When they begin to fry (and oil and water will be absorbed), add half a cup of water and wine. Wait for the absorption and pour once again the same amount of water and wine. Repeat a third time. Finally join a handful of marjoram leaves and a pinch of pepper. Turn often during cooking, which must be done over a slow fire. Serve just warm. The cooking can be done in the oven to ensure an aroma more full and with the oven at moderate temperature.