Galantina1Serves: 1 chicken, 1 kg of lean ground beef, 8 eggs, 12 stuffed olives, celery, peel of half a lemon cut into long strips, nutmeg, 1 shot of sambuca, 15 seeds of pistachio, salt to taste, 2 packets of gelatin . Preparation in 3 hours.

Preparation: Clean and bone the chicken. Split the chicken, leaving the skin on and off the chest. Separately, make a paste with minced meat, 5 eggs, a bit of nutmeg and salt to taste. Stuff the chicken with half of the dough. Arrange on dough a celery sliced long, lemon peel, stuffed olives (already fried separately in flour and egg), 2 hard boiled eggs sliced and pistachio. Add above, the other half of the minced meat and the glass of sambuca. Sew with needle and thread ends. Wrap it all up with a white paper wrapping and tie with string. Cook over medium heat, and then water to cover the chicken, for 3 hours. Boil 1 liter of water and add the sachets of gelatin and a few drops of lemon. Cut into slices and place the aspic on a serving dish, sprinkling gelatine not yet firmed. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours and serve cold. The ideal contour with galantine consists of artichokes.