PorchettaServes: 1 pig weight of 100kg (live), salt water, 10 heads of garlic, 2500kg of salt, rosemary and pepper at will. 

Preparation:  Gutting the pig (which thus become weighing 65-70kg). Depose him, so gutted, on a table (with marble slab) in light slope. Cut off the tail and feet up in the joints and blanch. Bone the completely, while leaving the head. Still blanch in salted water, which have already been boiled heads of garlic. Collect in a basin of water blanching. Season the pork with 2.5kg of salt (rather than up), is sprinkled over the entire inner surface. Pepper at will, preferably sparingly. Disperse above, in a uniform way, the garlic used for the blanching and rosemary. Place in the center of the pig opened a wooden pole, it pop out, allowing the oven for about 50cm on both sides. Join the two flaps of the carcass and sew them. Place the pork in a wood oven, ensuring the ends of the pole on stands and placing under the pig vats earthenware (not round but flattened on both sides, so that the grease leaking can be better harvest), next to each other (at the turn of them, and absolutely avoid drippings, put themselves in way of the watershed, the pieces of paper folded resistant inverted V). Keep the oven for about 5 hours.