Grilled fish

grigliatadipesceServes for 2 persons: 1 swordfish, sardines 4, 2 scampi or prawns, cuttlefish 2 medium-small size, 2 sole, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, ground black pepper. Preparation 1 hours.

Preparation: Wash the swordfish under running cold water and place in a colander with the other fish as it is clean. Wash the sardines, sole, examine and remove the scales. Wash the prawns (or shrimp) and cut them in half with scissors along the length. Clean the cuttlefish, remove the head with tentacles and close them with a couple of toothpicks. Put the oil in a bowl with the garlic peeled and sliced. Will be used to anoint the fish during cooking. Prepare the grill, which will be ready when the red flame fire fades and a white haze appears on the embers. And this is the time to put the grill on the stove to heat up, and then clean it, taking care not to burn. When put on the grill, brush the fish with oil. The cooking must be done on low heat. The time varies depending on the type of cooking preferred, but it is always a few minutes otherwise the fish becomes dry. Turn the grill with the fish occasionally. When cooked, add salt and pepper. Serve immediately. Side dishes of fresh vegetables, baked peppers and tomatoes.