Fried fish

fritturadipesceServes for 2 persons: 500g prawns, squid already cleaned 500g, 300g of sea fish (anchovies or smelts), durum wheat flour to taste, salt to taste, 2 zucchini, 2 carrots, 1 eggplant. Enough peanut oil for frying.

Preparation:  To prepare the fried fish, start by cleaning fish and vegetables: clean carrots, peel, remove the ends and cut into slices with a mandolin oblique rather long (or stick). Clean zucchini, deprive them of the ends and cut into sticks eliminating intra entirely white. Wipe the eggplant, remove the inside and cut into wedges. Put all the vegetables between two dish towels to dry them well. Rinse the shrimp and fish and dry them with a paper towel, if you purchased the squid are not clean, effective cleaning. Set aside the tentacles and reduce bags ring with a sharp knife. Heat the oil that will reach a temperature of 175°C in a very large pot (or use a deep fryer) and pass the vegetables and fish (all separately) in a bowl containing the semolina flour, removing excess with a sieve of flour. Fry the fish and the vegetables separately, making sure that the oil does not drop or temperature does not rise excessively, never immerse too much fish at a time into the hot oil, otherwise the temperature will drop. When the vegetables and fish are golden brown (for shrimp and fish will take about two minutes, while for vegetables and squid about 3 minutes), drain well with a slotted spoon and then place them on a paper towel for you to lose the excess oil. Remember to salt the fry immediately after cooking (never before frying) otherwise lose crunchiness.