My name is Edoardo Pilotti, I was born in Italy on May, the 27th of 1978. After the primary school and the secondary school in Milan, I performed the High school in Teramo at the scientific high school A. Einstein. I finished the high school in the 1997 with the value of 52/60. In the same year, I started to study mechanical engineering with orientation automation and robotics at L'Aquila University. I finished the university in June 2005 with the value of 110/110. The final study was on the design of connection systems for structural interfaces in carbone composite, performed in Atr Engineering. In July 2005 I joined to work in the DEF Engineering as designer and at the end of the year I joined with Atr Engineering where the thesis was done. After few months in the company where the best supercar chassis was produced as Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Bugatti Veyron, the crisis of the group made me in condition to go away and after other few months in the DEF Engineering, in September 2006 I joined to Snamprogetti, a company subsidary of ENI. In this period of career as pipeline engineer, the main scope of work was to design the offshore pipeline, perform all the study necessary for the installation in S-lay or J-lay mode and all the study required for the operation phase as pipe walking, trawlgear, on bottom stability... In the autumn 2010 I left the office work to be dedicated to the operations. In three years of operations as field engineer, many installations were performed, in particular Jacket and top-side in Persian Gulf, pipelines of different diameter at the different water depth in Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf and Baltic Sea, spools, In-Line Valve, In-Line Structures, PLET, Manifold... In autumn 2013, after the transition on board of the installation vessels, I come back in office as project engineer, to be dedicated of both the preparation phase for the installation, being the focal point for the purchasing of the material and for the documents for the installation. After the mobilization phase, I followed up the operation on board of the installation vessels for a field development in Mediterranean Sea and Caspian Sea. 

In the 2014 the crisis of petrol gave me opportunity to have a new break and start to think to share my experience in oil&gas at 360 to give solution for all mechanical problems. In this period the EdR is an idea that in short period could become real. The mission will be orientated to solve the mechanical problems analytically, numerically with FEA, and CAD software.