Project Engineer for Shah Deniz 2 project in Azerbaijan

 The project includes the development of a gas field in medium-deep waters and is divided into two phases:
  1. Phase 1: Installation of two rigid pipelines of 32" from shore to a production platform at about depth. Installation of a condensate pipeline of 16" in piggy back with a 6" pipeline from shore to a production platform for the treatment of the gas. Installation of 4 flowlines of 14" for the connection of subsea fields with the production platform. The flowlines 14" termination, on the one side, is done with a structure from 70ton comprising a valve for the connection with the oil well through jumper, and on the other side, with a spool between the the riser and the platform. Installation of a production platform comprising the launch, upending and positioning of the jacket and installation in float-over of its platform.
  2. Phase 2: installation of 8 stainless steel rigid piping 14" for the connection of subsea fields with the production platform. 

    All installation activities will be performed offshore Baku. The activities to be followed at the moment are the revision of the installation, the purchase of materials needed to carry out the operations and supervision of operations on board the pipelay vessel PLBH during installation.