Project Engineer for WDDM Phase IXa 

The project includes the expansion of a subsea field 90 km northeast of Alexandria in Egypt. The project includes the development of 9 wells with gas installation of manifolds, PLET, umbilicals, electrical power cables, pipes and hoses, HIPPS and fly-leads.

Involved in two main activities:

  • Coordination activities for the choice of the boat for the burial of an electric cable for power and coordination with the subcontrattore for the installation of the equipment. Supervision for the burying of electrical cable after its installation.
  • Responsible for the activities of installation of 8 rigid lines made ​​with the pipelay vessel Castorone. The activities cover the following activities:
    • Revision of the installation of rigid lines 10 "and 12" with the pipelayer Castorone.
    • Planning for the purchase of materials for the mobilization of the pipelayer Castorone.
    • Technical Reference for the purchase of all materials required for the equipment of the equipment needed for the installation of rigid lines of steel with the pipelay vessel Castorone, and, in particular, to make PRs (purchase requisitions materials), TBEs (evaluations techniques of the offers received), PO (purchase order) and delivery materials in support of team purchases.
    • Track the shipment and delivery of materials needed for the mobilization of the ship for the project in Egypt to Cyprus.
    • Monitor the mobilization of the necessary materials for the qualification of welders when browsing the United States - Egypt.
    • Preparation for the procedure readiness describing all stages of preparation and calibration of equipment necessary for the launch of the project rigid pipes (ex. Tensioners, rollers, ROV ...)
    • Monitor the steps of calibration of the equipment necessary for the launch of the rigid pipes of the project (eg. Tensioners, rollers, ROV ...)
    • Monitor with the construction team laying operations of 8 rigid piping in accordance with the procedures and schedule of the project (eg. Recovery cord initiation, launching regular and abandonment of the pipeline project in the target box)
    • Monitor the demobilization phases of project materials from Castorone the base of Alexandria